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Greenbroom produce is certified by the Wholesome Food Association.
Our crops are grown by hand without fossil fuels, artificial fertilisers or sprays.

We currently have the following produce available:

Small Seasonal Veg Box
A selection of 3 to 4 seasonal vegetables.
Grown at Greenbroom.
3-4 items55
Large Seasonal Veg Box
A selection of 7 to 8 seasonal vegetables.
Grown at Greenbroom
7-8 items210
Wonky Seasonal Veg Box
A selection of 4-5 portions of mis-shapen, slightly damaged or seasonally abundant veg for a bargain price!
Grown at Greenbroom.
4-5 items21
"Charlotte" Salad Potatoes
Charlotte salad potatoes with a delicate flavour. Great in potato salad or lightly boiled.
Grown at Greenbroom.
1kg bag
(or loose)
"Maris Piper" Potatoes
A great tasting potato variety, very versatile but particularly good for chips.
Grown at Greenbroom.
1kg bag
(or loose)
Jerusalem Artichokes
White Jerusalem Artichokes. Great in hearty winter soups and stews, made into mash or chipped.
Grown at Greenbroom.
1kg bag1kg1.50
The groundnut (Apios Americana) is a tuber with a very special flavour, tasting like a cross between a potato and a sweet chestnut. They can be boiled, added to stews or roasted.
Grown at Greenbroom.
250g bag2kg1.25
Chinese Artichokes
Chinese artichokes are a uniquely unusual looking but very tasty root crop. Can be eaten cooked or raw but particularly good in stir fries.
Grown at Greenbroom.
250g bag1kg1.50
"Yellowstone" Carrots
An eye catching and tasty yellow carrot that can be enjoyed cooked or raw.
Grown at Greenbroom.
1kg bag
(or loose)
"Nantes" Carrots
Full size "Nantes" carrots. Fresh and full of flavour.
Grown at Greenbroom.
1kg bag
(or loose)
Sweet Chestnuts
Sweet Chestnuts collected from the Hardwick Estate. A tasty seasonal source of protein. Roast, boil and mash or add to stews. 250g Bag3kg 1.00
Cape Gooseberries
Cape Gooseberries (Physalis) are an exotic seasonal fruit that we have managed to cultivate in our poly tunnels. Unique tangy "tropical" taste. Limited stock!
Grown at Greenbroom.
100g Bag500g 2.00
Mixed Greens
A selection of seasonal greens, such as Cavolo Nero, Red Kale, Jersey Kale, Cabbage, Collard Greens and Texsel Greens.
Grown at Greenbroom.
150g Bag5 Bags1.50
Curly Kale
New season Green curly kale.
Grown at Greenbroom.
150g Bag4 Bags1.50
Large leaf spinach.
Grown at Greenbroom.
100g Bag6 Bags 1.20
Rainbow Chard
Similar to Spinach but with a larger leaf and crunchier texture. Mixed colours this week.
Grown at Greenbroom.
100g Bag5 Bags 1.20
Spicy salad
A selection of fresh and spicy salad leaves such as lettuce, baby kale, rocket, wasabi rocket and mustard.
Grown at Greenbroom.
100g Bag3 Bags 1.60
Fresh parsley, supplied in biodegradable cellophane bags.
Grown at Greenbroom.
15g Bag6 Bags 0.60
Local Honey
Delicious local Hardwick honey made in Goring Heath. *Available on request*227g Jar
454g Jar
- 3.75

To make an order:

Call - 07563 159648
E-mail - orders@greenbroom.co.uk


We offer a zero carbon cycle delivery service to residents of Crays Pond, Woodcote, Goring Heath and Whitchurch Hill. You can also place an order and pick it up from our farm shop at a time that suits you. We can also deliver a weekly or twice weekly seasonal veg box.


We currently accept cash and bank transfer for payment. You can also set up a standing order for weekly veg box payments.