About Us

Welcome to our gallery, with more pics showing life at Greenbroom, our veg growing and some of our past events.

At Greenbroom we use fossil fuel free cultivation techniques. Above Andrew shows how he harrows and furrows beds for planting seed using his innovative home-made tools.

Our neighbours graze their pigs in our field, in exchange they naturally rotovate it for us.

Our small flock of Kahki Campbell ducks help to reduce our slug problems naturally.

Mark works with horses to extract timber from the woodland.

Using woodchip mulch to reduce weeding, watering and to create long term organic fertility in our beds.

Salad being cultivated in outdoor beds.

Lettuce, leeks and kale are just some of the many crops we grow.

Sungold tomatoes growing in one of our Geodesic Poly Domes.

Salad bags ready to go.

Andrew serving up dinner made from all Greenbroom produce at one of our summer open days.

A natural dye workshop at one of our summer open days.

A hazel hurdle making workshop at one of our summer open days.

The Greenbroom stall at the Tolhurst Organics squash festival 2016.

Our big bonfire at our yearly solstice celebration.

One of our poly grow domes in the snow, winter 2017.