About Us
About Us

We are a low impact agricultural co-operative with nine members, located on the Hardwick Estate in Crays Pond, South Oxfordshire. The estate has been organically run for over 30 years by it's manager Sir Julian Rose.

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Greenbroom is certified by the Wholesome Food Associatation, and the land is cultivated with organic and permaculture methods which naturally build soil fertility. Crops are cultivated by hand without the use of fossil fuels, herbicidies, pesticides, fungicides or artificial fertilisers, and all deliveries are made by bicycle.

Greenbroom has a particular focus on cultivating perennial crops and long term crop rotations. There are many benefits of cultivating perennial vegetables including: less digging and ploughing, greater drought tolerance, greater resistence to pests, greater nutritional density than annual crops and often better tasting!

Long term organic soil fertility techniques are used such as hugelkultur beds, charged biochar and woodchip mulching.

We promote local wildlife and biodiversity by providing habitat such as ponds, hedges, nettle patches and wildflower strips.

Greenbroom is run on a not for profit basis, with all income paid to workers or reinvested into the co-operative.

Our produce is available from the True Food Co-op, our farm shop and we offer a cycle delivery service to residents of Crays Pond, Woodcote, Goring Heath and Whitchurch Hill. See our Online Shop to see what we have in stock now.

If you have any questions, or wish to visit the site please let us know at info@greenbroom.co.uk and we'll do our best to help!

Look out for our new farm shop, now open 9am to 9pm!